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  1. F. Van Immerseel , F. Pasmans, J. De Buck, I. Rychlik, H. Hradecka, J.M. Collard, C. WIildemauwe, M. Heyndrickx, R. Ducatelle and F. Haesebrouck. 2004. Cats as a risk for transmission of antimicrobial drug-resistant Salmonella. Emerg. Infect. Dis. 10(12):2169-2174.
  2. Wybo, I., D. Potters, K. Plaskie, L. Covens, J.M. Collard, and S. Lauwers. Salmonella enterica subspecies houtenae serotype 44:z4,z23:- as a rare cause of meningitis. Acta Clin. Belg. 59-3:232-234.
  3. Wybo, I., C. Wildemauwe, C. Godard, S. Bertrand, and J.-M. Collard. 2004. Antimicrobial drug resistance in nontyphoid human Salmonella in Belgium: Trends for the period 2000-2002. Acta Clin. Belg. 59-3:152-160.
  4. Pasmans, F., F. Van Immerseel, K. Hermans, M. Heyndrickx, J.-M. Collard, R. Ducatelle, and F. Haesebrouck. 2004. Assessment of virulence of pigeon isolates of Salmonella enterica subspecies enterica serovar Typhimurium varietas Copenhagen for humans. J. Clin. Microbiol. 42(5):2000-2002.
  5. Yde, M., and A. Genicot. 2004. Use of PFGE to characterize clonal relationship among Belgium clinical isolates of Listeria monocytogenes. J. Med. Microbiol. 53:399-402.
  6. Huys, G., K. D'Haene, J.-M. Collard, and J. Swings. 2004. Prevalence and molecular characterization of tetracycline resistance in Enterococcus isolates from food. Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 70(3):1555-1562.
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  8. Doublet, B., P. Butaye, H. Imberechts, J.-M. Collard, E. Chaslus-Dancla, and A. Cloeckaert. 2004. Salmonella Agona habouring genomic island 1-A. Emerg. Infect. Dis. 10(4):756-758.



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